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I’ve always loved buttons, and now there’s a place where buttons make a difference and impact others.
We found a Golden Nugget in the Heart of Hamilton! A cutting-edge coffee shop called 541 Eatery and Exchange. It’s located, logically enough, at 541 Barton Street East.
541 Eatery & Exchange is the place to be. Drop in for a coffee or latte, grab soup and sandwich or a homemade meal, homemade decadent desserts and cookies — all at great prices. If you run short of change grab a button from their Dollar Button Jar to help pay for your purchase.

Button Jar

Do you remember the little trays at the cash registers in many stores (they probably don’t exist anymore because they’ve eliminated our copper pennies here in Canada). The jars used to say, “If you need a Penny Take One; If you have a Penny, Leave One.” This concept I see at 541 where helping out someone in need is as easy as contributing to the button jar.
541 is run by volunteers. Maybe you will consider joining their team as they impact their neighborhood. You may even see my friend Jada who volunteers on Saturdays. If you’re looking for a place where to meet a friend and have a coffee, WHY NOT try 541 Eatery & Exchange in Hamilton, 541 Barton Street East, and be sure to try to top up that button jar with your donation so it’s never empty.
At $1 a button, I bought 10 of the biggest ones I could find in that jar to help fill that nearly empty jar. As I dropped in the 10, one popped back out and jumped into the Tip Jar. We all burst out laughing! A hint that tips should be topped up too! What an exciting and amazing visit we had at 541! BTW, my cafe mocha was delicious!
I believe God is the giver of the best gifts, talents and ideas. Ask Him today to give you an idea, or expand one you already have that you could use to start a business and inspire others as you impact your world. Go Ahead! Make a difference for others!
Love to hear from you if you are stirring up some good works!

Sew on Fire Founder - Wendy Hagar

Wendy Hagar
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