Farewell Target

With sadness we see another major department store close in Canada – Target, but Sew on Fire is taking this as an opportunity to glean from this stores last sale’s day.

When Miriam and I walked into the Burlington, Ontario, Target store, the sale signs declared 80 percent off. That didn’t stop us from filling our carts to overflowing. The brief visit the day before with the floor manager proved fruitful. I might have mentioned that I represented a Burlington charity that was 100 percent volunteer, we are preputable,I may have received the Citizen of the Year award in 2012 and we have sent to 90 countries and to at least 50 Canadian cities.

I suggested to the manager that I would love all the socks, hats, mittens, underwear, belts, school supplies, and whatever else he had in the store.

Today, a couple hours before they closed their doors for the very last time, the manager, true to his word, assigned a team of employees to help us gather all these items by the cart load. We kept three tills busy with at least ten carts each. Each register had one or two assistants helping sort and organize all of the items. Each one had to be wrung in separately. I was excited because the manager had said he would give me an extra special discount. I couldn’t wait to find out what it was as employees helped us stack: binders, school supplies, birthday gift boxes.

I called in reinforcements. Len and Jeff came to help us load truckloads of supplies we had just purchased. We were quite excited getting things we normally wouldn’t have purchased, but what a delight to be able to send new items to the world’s needy. Our excitement spread to the employees even though it was their last day. They were excited to work with us for those few hours knowing they were helping the needy around the world with these gifts. Each item will help bring a smile to a child’s face and joy into their life. The personal hygiene items and underwear will change the lives of many young girls, even preventing a rape in some cases. These employees now have a new mission and passion to help us further our cause even though it was bittersweet and sad for them to say farewell to the store on their last day. They were excited knowing they could partner with us to make a difference.

I told them I pray the Lord will bless them for their help, find them new jobs, and take care of things in their lives. I encouraged them that they will be fine. We gathered and took a photo in front of the many items we just purchased valued at $20,000. Because we were on a mission for Kingdom business caring for widows and orphans around the world, the manager gave us 95 percent off our entire purchase!

We brought some excitement and joy to the Target staff that day, and our gleanings will bring excitement and joy to thousands in Jesus Name!

One ordinary woman serving an extraordinary God!
Wendy Hagar