Pray now more than Ever

My heart is full and saddened by the event that happened in Toronto on Monday.    As people in Ontario across Canada and around the world heard the news of the invoked terror that hit the streets in Toronto.  Hearts and emotions were so stirred by the sudden shock of this news. People fled in terror as the driver in this rental van ploughed through the street and sidewalk aiming to hit and kill as many people as possible.

Just as we have been planning and preparing for our 12th Annual Burlington Leadership Prayer Breakfast on May 3rd. Our goal is to pray with thanksgiving and lift up before the throne of God, our civic leaders, govt leaders at all levels of govt, police, firemen, first responders, paramedics, our health professionals, teachers and those in authority. This a privilege to come together and pray as a community. So grateful for the officer on scene and all the paramedics and hospital health care workers and the first responders.

I do believe we need to pray possibly more than ever in Canada’s history for these mentioned, our cities, provinces and country. Consider & join to pray for our provincial govt leaders Sew On Fire Founder Wendy Hagarwith and also for our Canadian government. Please join with me to pray for the families of those that were killed and all those that were threatened yesterday. Pray Now More than Ever!!