Wendy Hagar - Sew on Fire - Founder
Wendy Hagar | Founder of Sew on Fire
May 2012 Citizen of the Year Burlington Ontario

May 2012 Citizen of the Year Burlington Ontario

Wendy Hagar is the founder of Sew on Fire Ministries which started February 2000 and has partnered with 160 organizations who together send and distribute humanitarian aid. Wendy who began this grass roots organization in her home, has grown to a warehouse where groups of people came to help sort, organize and prepare supplies have blessed many in 50 Canadian cities and over 100 countries.

Wendy was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan, third of four children, raised in a Christian home and surrounded by families with a strong Christian heritage.  Later she moved to Ontario and grew up in northern Ontario.  Wendy began teaching Sunday School at the early age of twelve, taught Missionettes, Crusaders, Kids Club and served with WMC to Women’s Ministries for many years, decorated the church for special holidays and events. Wendy has served as personal assistant to the Director for Women’s Ministries in the Western Ontario District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

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Jeff and Wendy Hagar

Jeff and Wendy Hagar

Reuben, Sarah Jane (Hagar), Zander, Wesley and Jade Zuidhof, Vancouver, BC

Reuben, Sarah Jane (Hagar), Zander, Wesley and Jade Zuidhof, Vancouver, BC

Matthew, Jodie, Jacob, Camden and Drew Hagar, Dorchester, ON

Matthew, Jodie, Jacob, Camden and Drew Hagar, Dorchester, ON


In February, 2000, after a 40 day fast and hearing of the work of a missionary working with orphans in Russia after the fall of communism and the support system of that country, Wendy wanted to do more than just put money in the offering plate. She purposed to sew 100 gift bags, pajamas, mittens and fill those gift bags with hygiene and school supplies for an orphanage in Russia. Her passion was contagious and soon people were arriving at her home to help. 100 quickly multiplied into 1725 gift bags.

But things did not stop there.

After 3 years working from her home, Wendy and Sew on Fire were able to share space with Crossroads Global Activity Centre in Burlington. In 2007 Sew on Fire moved to its own facility, a 3,000 sq ft unit. Then in 2011 doubled its space to 6,000 square feet with room for 15 activity centres, more storage, more volunteers and more gift bags to bless those in need. In 2017 Sew on Fire grew once again and expanded into the next unit which gave us 9,000 square feet.

Sew on Fire continues to grow in volunteer hours, donations, partnerships and shipments.

Registered Charity and Board

Sew on Fire is a Registered Canadian Charity with Board of Directors who bring skills and direction from their own charitable and business experiences.

  • Rev. Jack Hawkins
  • Ed Elford
  • Rev. Ruth Teakle
  • Jeff Hagar
  • Susan Wells


Sew on Fire is 100% volunteer – Founder and Director, Board of Directors and Volunteers all freely give of their time and talents to the common purpose of meeting the needs of those less fortunate.

Our Mission

“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this – to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction”. James 1:27

Sew on Fire Ministries is evangelism through humanitarian aid. This God birthed inter-denomination Ministry sends humanitarian aid and custom designed gifts to those in need in Canada and all over the world. We creatively package and provide these gifts free of charge, distributing them through short-term mission trips, service/work teams, support ministries sending containers and with missionaries to bless others. We help orphanages, hospitals, clinics, churches, schools, single moms, children living in garbage dumps, the fatherless, widows, homeless, refugees and the poor.

We prepare each gift bag with love and prayer expecting God to use it to carry hope to the hopeless and transform lives with the message that someone cares.

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Our Work

Sew on Fire Ministries is a God-birthed ministry that sends humanitarian aid, blankets, mini layettes and custom designed cloth gift bags all over the world. We send and distribute merchandise with short-term missions’ groups, and have sent hundreds of shipments to over 100 countries so far.

Help Us Make a Difference.

Our work continues to grow and touch thousands of people’s lives. Get involved today and use your gifts of knitting, crocheting or sewing. Choose to volunteer or donate today and help us impact thousands more.