Celebrating 100,000 Sent Gift Bags!




Happy 7th Anniversary

100,000 Gift Bags eh!

from here … to the ends of the earth!

Seven Years of Ministry
Carol, Fran, Betty, Delores and Val sort and organize an incoming shipment of hair accessories and school supplies.
Our shipment board.
110 shipments in 2006
22,500 gift bags to
35 countries

We gather on Monday’s from 1 – 4:30.
The volunteers come ready to work we have a multitude of tasks and preparations to be made before we can pack up the gift bags.

Milfid and Jean are using the sealers to seal toothbrushes, soap, jewelery, crayons, candies and many other items that we purchase in bulk.

These gals are sorting hair accessories. mToday we celebrate this milestone, but the work continues. Thanks ladies.

Connie displays a beautiful shawl that she has made and this will be sent in one of our ladies bags. Each week Connie brings in wonderful blankets and hats that she makes. What a gift she is to us. Thanks Connie.

Where are we going to put all this stuff. This is a good problem. Last year we sent out 110 shipments to 35 countries, and the more we send out the more comes in. Thanks to all of you that help us!

Evelyn Molyneaux displays a school bag. These weigh about 5 pounds and are filled with school supplies, personal hygiene items, often have a hat, t-shirt, or flip flops with toys and a ball. We have sent thousands around the world.

This 100,000th bag will travel with 399 other back packs to Uganda on this container with Crossroads Mission Warehouse. There also were 200 cloth gift bags and 108 mini baby layettes.


Evelyn and Wendy hold the 100,000th bag which is a back pack. Celebrate with us for sending 100,000 gift bags to 80 countries. Brenda Clark, Sherwood Park, Alberta and her team have sent 8000 of those bags to 20 countries.