SEW ON FIRE chosen to be the recipient of the $5,000 grant.

SEW ON FIRE chosen to be the recipient of a $5,000 grant!

Congratulations to the winning team of leaders: Amy, Jake, Sean, Samantha and Elisa. Job well done!!
Special Thank You to: Julie Toskan-Casale, Victor Casale and Frank Toskan founders of the Toskan Casale Foundation and Waterdown District High School for this opportunity!

Julie Toskan-Casale, Founder and President of the Toskan Casale Foundation: Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a hands on Philanthropy program which empowers youth to make a difference.

At Waterdown District High School -50 group presentations featuring their chosen charity competed for a $5,000 grant. The top ten groups presented their charity presentation in front of panel of judges and their fellow classmates. These groups of students are given the opportunity to research local grassroots organizations, advocate on their behalf, and have the opportunity to award them the $5,000 grant.

120 high schools participated in Ontario and British Columbia. The Toskan Casale Foundation granted $600,000 to student chosen charities.

Bravo, Bravo!!

This is a win win situation as it brings awareness to all the local non profit organizations, provides the opportunity for students to get involved, volunteer hours and make a difference in their community and in their world. I believe this wonderful organization is helping to enlarge their world view, is a catalyst for community involvement, practicial experience, opportunity for public speaking, helping to give back, encourages random acts of kindness, put some love in action.

Love is often talked about seldom demonstrated.

Waterdown District High School’s top three teams celebrate together the winning charity

chosen to be the recipient of the $5,000 grant.
for more information contact:
Wendy Hagar, Founder Sew on Fire