Hello! Welcome to Sew On Fire’s New Blog!

We are excited to announce that we have a brand new blog for the Sew On Fire cause! We will be regularly updating you with stories and updates of our mission, from volunteers who work in our warehouse to the lives of those who have been positively impacted by our work. Check back soon!

New Beginnings

Special thank you to Crossroads Christian Communications and the Missions Department for their generosity over the years for free warehouse space, where we would operate the Sew on Fire organization for 3 1/2 years. We have packed up and cleared out. Special thank you to Mr. Kevin Hatcher and Mr. Rudy Reimer of Reimer Construction for the extended grace of …

Sew On Fire - Ghana Children

Beautiful children in Ghana!!

Beautiful children in Ghana!! Gary Empey leads team of students from Master’s College and Seminary and take Sew on Fire gift bags to Cuba Bulgaria children cheer as they receive gift bags. Becuay children receive pencil cases Becquay children received pencil cases filled with school supplies.

The PeeWee League Burlington Eagles Volunteer for Sew On Fire!

The boys had a wonderful time and came away with happy hearts and big smiles, the kind of smiles that come from volunteering and helping those in need. Many have asked if they can come back. So hopefully ‘the team’ will see you again. The Burlington Eagles is a City Rep Hockey club. The team my son Bryson and his team …

SEW ON FIRE chosen to be the recipient of the $5,000 grant.

SEW ON FIRE chosen to be the recipient of a $5,000 grant!

Congratulations to the winning team of leaders: Amy, Jake, Sean, Samantha and Elisa. Job well done!! Special Thank You to: Julie Toskan-Casale, Victor Casale and Frank Toskan founders of the Toskan Casale Foundation and Waterdown District High School for this opportunity! Julie Toskan-Casale, Founder and President of the Toskan Casale Foundation: Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a hands on Philanthropy …

Sew on Fire Launches New Cloth Bag

Sew on Fire launched it’s new cloth bag, 20″ x 15″ cut size, one inch hem, double string with two – 60″ cords, attach cut ends to the two bottom corners. With the bag inside out, tuck the two cut ends into the corner and on an angle sew across approximately 1 1/2″ and secure the ends, repeat on other …

Designing a Draw String Back Pack

There are many ways to design a draw string back pack, this one has an outside pocket with a zipper. You may have a wonderful idea or patten that we can use. I have boxes full of pre-cut material ready to sew into back packs. We need your help – volunteer today.

New Life Brampton Lends a Hand

New Life Brampton – Sandra thank you for giving leadership to these beautiful ladies, and bringing them early Saturday morning for a Sew on Fire serve day to help us, sew our new cloth back packs, create and package mini layettes, package and re-seal crayons, toothbrushes, soap and jewelery and a host of other jobs. We had a full and …

We Want Your Old Back Packs!

We have sent thousands of back packs around the world. Here in North America every child usually receives a new back pack every September, please remember to pass on the old one to us and we would love to fill it with school supplies and personal hygiene items and send them to a needy child.