Sew on Fire Launches New Cloth Bag

Sew on Fire launched it’s new cloth bag, 20″ x 15″ cut size, one inch hem, double string with two – 60″ cords, attach cut ends to the two bottom corners. With the bag inside out, tuck the two cut ends into the corner and on an angle sew across approximately 1 1/2″ and secure the ends, repeat on other …

Designing a Draw String Back Pack

There are many ways to design a draw string back pack, this one has an outside pocket with a zipper. You may have a wonderful idea or patten that we can use. I have boxes full of pre-cut material ready to sew into back packs. We need your help – volunteer today.

New Life Brampton Lends a Hand

New Life Brampton – Sandra thank you for giving leadership to these beautiful ladies, and bringing them early Saturday morning for a Sew on Fire serve day to help us, sew our new cloth back packs, create and package mini layettes, package and re-seal crayons, toothbrushes, soap and jewelery and a host of other jobs. We had a full and …

We Want Your Old Back Packs!

We have sent thousands of back packs around the world. Here in North America every child usually receives a new back pack every September, please remember to pass on the old one to us and we would love to fill it with school supplies and personal hygiene items and send them to a needy child.

Celebrating 100,000 Sent Gift Bags!

      Happy 7th Anniversary 100,000 Gift Bags eh! from here … to the ends of the earth! Seven Years of Ministry Carol, Fran, Betty, Delores and Val sort and organize an incoming shipment of hair accessories and school supplies. Our shipment board. 110 shipments in 2006 22,500 gift bags to 35 countries We gather on Monday’s from 1 …